“The future creative is the person who understands and exploits data; it will be the basis of everything moving forward. When I first met Jey we were trying to figure out the inner-workings of a complex video ranking anomaly between Google and another social network. Jey reverse engineered the entire process with multiple instances and controls, and that was day 1. This is the future creative right here.” Cameron Friedlander, Marketing Technology, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

“Every so often during your career you meet that rare individual who combines a sprawling grasp of the big picture with a scholar’s knowledge of his field, a passion for operations, and the energy and team building capacity to over-deliver on a strategy. Jey is that person. I feel fortunate to have been able work alongside with Jey, and all the more so to have been the beneficiary of his wisdom and team spirit. Jey is a superstar. I hope to work with him again some day in the future. ” Joseph Rosenthal, Content Director, OgilvyOne Worldwide

“I had the chance to work with Jey during his time with Mindshare. We worked on the Kimberly-Clark AFC business together. During that time Jey demonstrated his vast knowledge and experience with SEO. His input and direction was very critical to the success of our campaigns and through the course of a large website redesign project done in 2015. Jey was detailed, organized and communicated extremely well both internally and externally. If the opportunity presented itself again I would jump at the chance to work with Jey.” Adam Vassallo, Senior Delivery Manager, Organic Inc

“Jey is an SEO genius. He would certainly make my SEO Dream Team. He knows every aspect of SEO exceptionally well and he is hard working. He is constantly innovating and working. I am not sure if he sleeps. He has a mind that just never stops thinking all things Digital. He is a great and passionate SEO.” Garth O’Brien, Global Head of SEO, GoDaddy

“Jey is a great mentor and a true leader who challenges and empowers his team to deliver A+ SEO work ensuring long term success for clients and the agency. What separates Jey from the rest of the pack, is the depth of his SEO knowledge and technical expertise coupled with his uncanny business acumen, passion, drive, and desire to empower others in the company. Jey is true asset to any organization that wants to attain and maintain a winning edge.” Aleksandr Biyevetskiy, Global SEO Manager, Kaspersky Lab

“I worked with Jey this past year implementing SEO best practices on This guy knows his stuff, big time. It was a pleasure working with Jey as he was always quick to respond to our questions and needs while doing it with a great attitude. More importantly, he came up with a strategy that has SIGNIFICANTLY improved SEO, and has provided several recommendations for improving our Enterprise-level Content Management System. I hope I work with him again one day.” Ramon Macias, Senior Technologist, RPA

“Meet Jey, and it’s obvious that he’s tireless, hard working and passionate about his profession. Look closer, and you’ll see an unbridled enthusiasm for SEO and analytics, tempered by the patience to educate those less knowledgable. You’ll also note how well he translates his informed strategic viewpoints into clearly defined tactics. And from an organizational perspective, you’ll appreciate his initiative to cross boundaries and break down deadly siloes with personal diplomacy, cross-disciplinary knowledge and just plain smarts. I’d work with him again in heartbeat.” George Steeley, Chief Marketing Officer, Loomis Group

“When it comes to SEO, no one does it better then Jey. He is able to verbalize the importance of SEO to technologists and non-technologists alike. He is able to define and plan the best ways to search optimize your websites. I’ve learned so much about search optimization from Jey, that I whole-heartedly recommend Jey for any SEO work.” Emmanuel (Manny) Miranda, Senior Quality Assurance Specialist, Loomis Group

” Jey is one of the most passionate SEO’s I’ve ever met. He constantly looks for ways to make this clients and employer successful. He is dedicated, smart and creative. A great analytical mind that he uses it to deliver insights and recommendations that matter.” Dan Cristo, Director of Innovation, GroupM

“Working with Jey was a fantastic experience and I would gladly work with him again given the chance. Jey consistently proved himself to be someone I could rely on time and time again. With that in mind, I didn’t have to worry about managing Jey closely because he always took the initiative to deliver great SEO and analytics to clients on time and on budget.

“Jey is also able to step outside his role and handle any assignment given to him. He excels at finding and interpreting data that enabled our team to make design decisions quickly and thoughtfully. I’ve met few people with Jey’s depth of knowledge and who are as dedicated to perfecting their craft and learning about the design industry as Jey. Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts or questions if you are considering working with him.” Peter Burnham, Senior Interaction Designer, Sequence